2019 Scholarship Winner Announced!

The Joe “Zippo” Kelley Memorial Scholarship for 2019 has been awarded to Katie Coffey. Katie is currently an undergrad at Salem State in her junior year studying communications with a minor in music technology. In her own words Katie says “Being on radio was always a dream of mine so when I found out Salem State had their own I knew I had to join. I started out my freshman year with a one hour broadcast that quickly turned into two. My show, Evening Cuppa Coffey, has been an amazing platform to share my love of undiscovered and underrated artists both through what I play and live performances I’ve hosted. I loved putting work into the radio so much I ran for Music Director and spent my sophomore year cultivating the automation data base with artists all over the East Coast. This past year I was given the opportunity of being Program Director, I’ve loved it so much I ran again and was re-elected for next year. In this position I was able to put my heart and soul into throwing a concert in honor of International Women’s Day featuring Salem State artists and local band Petty Morals, we used this concert as a platform not only for the talented female musicians Salem has to offer but also to highlight women’s rights organizations across the world. I am a firm believer in using radio to “give a voice to the voiceless” and WMWM has given me a platform to do that. Without the radio station my education here at Salem State would not be nearly as fulfilling as it has been. It would be an honor to receive the Joe “Zippo” Kelley Memorial Scholarship and uphold the integrity of the North Shore’s best college radio station.”

Congratulations Katie, and best of luck on your future endeavors from the Joe “Zippo” Kelley memorial Foundation Board!

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